5th International Choir Competition and Festival in Kalamata

For the fifth time already, Kalamata welcomes singers from all over the world to an international choir competition & festival in 2024. Cultural variety against a stunning backdrop has made this event an unforgettable experience for choirs since years!

The opening concert will be a perfect prelude to an event where choral enthusiasts from all over the world will be able to experience firsthand the broad tradition of Greek music and study it for themselves.

Traditionally, also the choir competition focusses on the Folklore categories, but offers even more in 2024: The new competition categories Pop and Senior Choirs will give even more choirs the opportunity to find their musical home this year.

But that’s not enough: Our venues are located directly in the lively old town of Kalamata amidst its numerous restaurants, cafés and stores and invite singers to relax after their top musical performances.

More information & registration form: https://www.interkultur.com/events/2024/kalamata/

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